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carbonization furnace

  • carbonization furnace
carbonization furnace

carbonization furnace

  • Product description: Gongyi jinhe machinery factory specializes in the production of carbonization furnaces, carbonization furnace equipment, and carbonization furnace price consultation: 13203711666.
JH production of coking furnace flue gas recovery unit, flue gas recycling can reach clean smokeless, after the flue gas can be recovered and light like liquefied petroleum gas, used for heating, cooking, also for the dryer.
Working principle of carbonization furnace:

Coking furnace to produce gas furnace as heat source, the use of methane gas by cyclone, the air distribution into the burner, burner outlet temperature is 800 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃, its flow rate can be up to 3 ~ 5 meters per second, the high temperature air heating on the fringes of the combustion chamber. When carbonized indoor temperature to 300 ℃, furnace to produce large amounts of combustible gas, raw material per kilogram in theory can produce three cubic methane gas, the gas available for carbonization temperature, drying heat source is used, the discretion of the furnace temperature can adjust at will, low temperature carbon generally above 400 ℃ (8 hours to complete), high temperature carbon at above 600 ℃ (10 hours to finish).

Six characteristics of carbonization furnace:

1. Quick carbonization: with the technology of no-kiln kiln, 24 hours of water production can be transferred to the production site at will.
2. High output: for the carbonization furnace equipment, we have a daily output of 800 jin, 1000 jin, 1500 jin, and 2000.
Jin type and other models.
3. Less maintenance: the equipment can be repaired only once in half a year.
4. Low power consumption: the average power consumption per set of equipment is 3.5 kilowatts per hour.
5. Easy operation: only two simple operation procedures can be made, and the equipment can be shipped within three days after the equipment is installed.
6. Stable product quality and high profit.


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