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The charcoal machine equipment needs to be continuously improved according to user needs

As a manufacturer of charcoal machine equipment, the goal is to introduce equipment that is more suitable for user production according to their production needs. With the replacement of charcoal machine equipment generation after generation, the technical issues of charcoal machines in the early stage have been upgraded and improved year by year, which will have many questions for friends who purchase charcoal machine equipment in the early stage. We bought the machine earlier. After so many years, how should we follow up on charcoal machine equipment and complete the innovation of charcoal machine equipment? This requires users of charcoal machines to understand the changes after and before the improvement.
Firstly, the production equipment of the charcoal machine is a single production line, which does not require too much manual operation, so the production efficiency is very high and larger than ordinary equipment at the same time. Undoubtedly, everyone can see it. Secondly, the raw materials for the production mechanism of charcoal machines come from agricultural waste, which is relatively low in cost. Some people may be concerned about whether the raw materials are used in crops or whether the products may have problems. Don't worry here. The rod making function produced by our factory is to extrude raw materials into wooden rods to a large extent, test the compressive strength of the rods on site, and use a carbonization furnace for carbonization. This energy-saving and environmentally friendly approach is also evident to all.
From the comparison before and after the improvement of the charcoal machine, it can be seen that only some equipment has been upgraded, and the cost of the unimproved charcoal machine equipment is lower than that of the improved charcoal machine. However, from a quality perspective, the improved charcoal machine is superior to traditional charcoal machine equipment.



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