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Safe operation in charcoal machine equipment is very important

Safety production is the primary task of every enterprise, and there are also two key points to master in the process of using charcoal machine equipment to produce charcoal. We all know that the power supply for charcoal production is three-phase electricity (380V), so every investment customer should arrange the circuit at home. During the use process, the rod link should pay attention to safety, as some inevitable factors such as insufficient heating temperature and material humidity may occur during the production process. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to stand in front of the rod during normal production. Another issue is the power supply and motor issues during production. Once a power supply problem occurs, immediately cut off the power supply for maintenance and confirm safe production.
Another type is carbonized charcoal, which is prone to spontaneous combustion. After high-temperature combustion and carbonization, the finished charcoal usually has sparks in the center hole. Mars needs to be poured out until it has completely cooled down, and should not accumulate indoors as it can cause a fire. It should be stored in a dry place for drying and then packaged indoors.
The above two points are factors that should be noted in charcoal production. As customers, we remember the purpose of our production, so ensuring safe, reasonable, and effective operations during the production process is crucial. Safe production is more important than Mount Taishan. Good charcoal machine operation habits are the prerequisite to ensure safe production.



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