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Gongyi city JHJ machinery factory is a professional modern enterprise, research, design, manufacture of charcoal machine, there are charcoal machine equipment, mechanism charcoal, straw charcoal machine, sawdust charcoal and charcoal wood grinder machine equipment series, stick machine, coking furnace, dryer equipment, etc. The series of products are sold to many cities and countries, and the high quality production technology and considerate service have won the favor and praise of the majority of users.

Gongyi jinhe machinery factory has a high quality tracking service, with a high level of dedication to provide advanced and economical technical services. The company is committed to the concept of "people-oriented, harmonious development", providing conditions for the development of small and medium-sized charcoal enterprises.

The company has advanced equipment, professional technical team, professional installation team, a professional after-sales service team, using high quality equipment, high speed, high benefit of comprehensive service system, from the crime scene investigation and handling late to subscribe for product design, equipment installation and maintenance are performed by us. All customers have the designated staff for the full service, to speed up to the site to solve, to ensure your use.

We focus on the development of the society as a whole, the development of charcoal machine equipments as resources use provides a better condition, in view of the sawdust, rice husk, straw and other raw materials are the raw materials of some abandoned, but the material through the production of charcoal machine equipment, becomes the rods, mechanism charcoal, etc., can use to industrial, food, barbecue, and other fields, to reduce the waste of resources, and to benefit more people.

We need to enhance communication and communication between the two sides, not only to understand the customer's evaluation of products, but also to enter a new era of service that guides users' consumption and reassuring users. Demand to reach the company more efficient, low cost, improve the market reaction speed, accelerating technological innovation, strict quality, reduce production cost and bring benefit to consumers, in the rapidly changing competition to grasp more business opportunities. For the society, for you to create greater value!



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