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System bar machine

  • System bar machine
System bar machine

System bar machine

  • Product description: Gongyi jinhe machinery factory is the manufacturer of the production and making machine, the machine equipment, the price of the rod maker, the manufacturer of the batting machine, and the hotline: 13
System bar machine is the use of sawdust, crop stalks (corn stalk, big haulm, sorghum stalk, cotton, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grasses and shrubs branch, bamboo cutter head, head, bagasse as raw material, such as after a lumber mill grinding in screw propeller and heating circle formed under the action of high temperature high raw materials processed into KongXinBang will loose body. The product has high density, small volume, good flammability, and can replace firewood and coal. The outer diameter of the general product is 50-60mm, and the pore diameter is 15-20mm, with a hollow square or hexagon. It can also be made into spherical, granular, honeycomb coal shape.

The machine adopts automatic thermostat, stable performance at the setting temperature, and has the advantages of reasonable structure and simple operation and maintenance. Produced by the machine forming solid bar after carbonization ignition easy, high calorific value (compared with general timber increased by more than 20%), less pollution, than great convenient for storage and transport, can make full use of crop residues, waste, reduce the contradiction of our country's agriculture, forestry and energy tension.

Purpose and characteristics of the rod making machine.

The product design is reasonable, the manufacture quality is reliable, has the structure simple, the operation is convenient, the volume is small, the area is small, the province labor, the province electricity characteristic.
Second, fully automatic control electric heating device, can adjust the dry humidity of the material at random, ensure the material forming stability, improve the work efficiency.
3. The main parts of this product are specially treated with wear-resistant materials, so it can be continuously suppressed and durable.
4. It is suitable for pressing and molding of raw materials of various raw materials, with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.
Five, the three bearings of the old machine heart are four, which increases the stability and durability of the machine, and reduces the abnormal sound during the operation of the machine.
6. Replace the old oil lubrication with oil, so long as the oil is not lacking, it can be used for many years.
7. Increase the screw pitch to increase the feed volume, thus greatly increasing the output.
8. Improved the structure of the cylinder, reduced the friction between the machine and the raw material, and increased the density of the core rod.


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