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What are the tips for charcoal making with charcoal machine equipment?

Fruit trees and branches are also one of the main sources of raw materials in charcoal making by charcoal machine. Fruit tree is a perennial tree species, with solid and compact wood and long growth cycle. A large number of fruit trees are renewed every year. Fruit tree charcoal has the advantages of convenient ignition, fast ignition, uniform combustion, large heat, high carbon content, smokeless, dust-free, non-toxic, tasteless, residue free, no burst, low ash content, long combustion time, etc.
In the production of charcoal made by charcoal machine, the carbonization furnace can be placed on the horizontal ground, the furnace cover on the top can be opened, and then the wooden stick with basket can be put into the furnace. The wooden rods shall be inserted into the iron basket one by one and installed in a circle. The tighter the effect, the better. At this time, the capacity is about 2 tons, and the finished charcoal after carbonization is about 0.8 tons. After the wood stick is loaded into the furnace, it is ignited from the following four ignition ports. Firewood or weeds can be used as kindling materials. First, put a small amount of weeds or sawdust into the reaction tank, and cover it quickly after ignition to produce a certain concentration of gas. The gas is sent to the tank at the bottom of the carbonization furnace through the pipeline, and then the tank valve is slowly opened and ignited at the same time. Before ignition, close the furnace cover and add fire proof asbestos cloth to prevent leakage and oxygen. The machine rod can be naturally ignited. Then the gas generated in the flue of the carbonization furnace can be converted into ignitable gas through the gasification furnace system and enter the ignition port at the bottom of the carbonization furnace. The smoking machine can be opened to smoke. Generally, the smoke pipe at the back of the furnace can be observed for 3-4 hours. If there is no black smoke, the fan can be closed to enter the flat fire burning state. The burning time is 8 hours, Generally, the cooling time is about 12 hours. After carbonization, open the door to take carbon. In the process of charcoal making, different operations of each step will have very different consequences. Small obstacles are not afraid. Control each step, the operation gate diameter of each equipment, the details determine the results, and pay attention to the conditions of the details.



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