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Rapid development of charcoal machine equipment

The idea determines the direction. If the charcoal machine equipment wants to further develop, there is still the idea of introduction. As a manufacturer of charcoal machine equipment, our factory has developed and produced a series of multi type carbonization machine equipment, which has achieved good results in the market. Secondly, we will continue to innovate from the problems fed back by customers, correct some defects of the traditional Mechanism charcoal machine, and make it more widely applicable, longer service life and higher production efficiency. Then, according to different carbonization materials, the appropriate mechanism charcoal machine equipment is customized to strive to achieve the crushing and carbonization degree of various waste biomass, whether soft or hard. Grasp the new market demand and combine the new ideas of customers to develop and produce better mechanism charcoal machine equipment. The equipment is simple to operate, and the carbonization of double pipe chimney has no dead angle. The charcoal machine also has the advantages of continuous feeding, continuous carbonization, layered carbonization, intelligent control, automatic collection of tar and other combustible gases, which improves the carbonization quality and has good sealing performance.
When we understand the structure of the charcoal mechanism, we must first determine what kind of raw materials and how much output is required. Only in this way can we configure the charcoal machine for you and give you a better choice. Charcoal machine production process: crushing drying rod making carbonization mechanism complete charcoal equipment: crushing equipment, drying equipment, rod making equipment and carbonization equipment. In the production process, the material is crushed by a pulverizer to meet the requirements of making carbon rods. Generally, the diameter of crushed materials is not more than 10mm, such as tree branches, bark, straw, etc. the crushing requirement is 3-5mm. If you are sawdust, you do not need to crush, and you can directly screen out the impurities in the sawdust. Charcoal machine working process molding: molding is the most important part of rod making. A rod making machine is required, and the material enters the rod making machine. The rod making machine is driven by the motor, and the propeller rotates rapidly. The dried raw materials are brought into the sleeve with their own performance. Under the pressure of raw materials, there is a heating ring outside the forming cylinder of the rod making machine, which can increase the temperature of the forming cylinder to about 350, and then soften it by lignin.



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